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Roped Climbs and Rock Climbing
The Via Ferrata at Saix de Miolène

Download the via ferrata Brochure here

he Via Ferrata (literally iron passage - more accurately a steep climb with fixed wire ropes to secure to) at Saix de Miolène, lies at the heart of the Abondance Valley - is well named meaning quite literraly the rock of the center of the Valley. This central location provides remakable panoramic views along the valley and its villages, and allows non-participants to observe the climbers efforts safely from the foot of the climb.

The route follows a steep and challenging pathway up the face, with a succession of rock clefts, chimneys and overhangs. it comprises three distinct sections. The "Le Cabri",  "La Chamois" and the "le Bouquetin". Corresponding to the level of difficulty which can be interconnected. rather more agile skills are required to ascend the 2nd and 3rd sections so best for fairly experienced roped climbers of very fit individuals.

The rock face is home to peregrine falcons which are protected species, and on alternate years either the 2nd or 3rd section will be completely closed to protect their nesting from 15 March to 10 July. Watch out for notices indicating the closed trails.

From the Miolène car park beside RD22 at the entrance to La Chapelle d'Abondance, at the base of the cliff, follow the forest "Path of the Menhir (boulder)" in direction Abondance for 15 mn. The name of the path derives from the boulder located below the cliff wall, which in an ancient times was a site of druidic rituals.

Climb Statistics

Approximate journey time (to ascend and descend) : ranges from 3 to 5 hours including the 15 mn access path. Time to descend from 30 to 45 mn.

Minimum Safety Heigh for adults and children 1.40 m.
Orientation of the face : South-East
Length 900 ml (+2 roped sections)
Elevation change : 220 m Starting altitude : 1030 - Summit : 1250m

Overall Climb Rating : AD with TD - Via Ferrata
1St section "Cabri" : AD + Length : 350 m Run Time : 1.30 to 2 hours of which 20 to 30 mn to return.
2nd section "Cabri" : TD cumulative Length : 700m. Cumulative time : 2 to 3 hours of which 25 to 35 mn to return.
3rd section "Bouquetin" : TD cumulative Length : 900m. Cumulative time : 3 to 5 hours of which 30 to 45 mn to return.

Access to the via ferrata is free but you are rrcommended to wear or hire suitable equipment, and consider specialist guidance.

WARNING : There is a risk of death if you attempt the via ferrata without suitable alpine climbing equipment and a proper understanding of how to use it. Whilst this alpine rock face is equiped with fixed safety wires, slopes, gradiens, it includes exposed overhangs which require athletic agility. Please stick to the official marked route and for your safety do not leave it.
You practise this route at your own risk. Take due account of the current and forecast weather conditions of the mountain before starting out. If in doubt do not hesitate to seek advice from the professionals.

A7 Aventures
Phone : +33 (0)4 50 72 15 12
Fax : +33 (0)4 50 72 13 66
E-mail : Send a message
Web : www.7aventures.com

Open : 15/03 to 20/04
From may to october
Descriptif :
Boat Hire - Port de commerce in Thonon. Hire by the hour : Canoes, pedalos, rowing boats. Hire of sailing boats with accomodation, motorboats license required/not, Water ski tow boats, Water taxi and boating trips with skipper.

White water : rafting, Hydrospeeding, Canoening, Kayaking, Canyoning.

Ropeway adventure trails, Climbing wall, Roped climbs, canyoning.

Plaine d'Offaz
Phone : +33 (0)6 34 67 16 13
Mobile : +33 (0)6 62 00 92 19
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Web : http://www.arbracadabra.fr

Descriptif :
  • Rock Climbing: From 6 years old, come and discover the Chablais Limestone for a half-day climbing course in Abondance!
  • Via Ferrata: In Abondance, Saix de Miolène Cliffs are a fine example of the Alpine Via Ferrata, set in stunning scenery! The three different hiking trails landscaped in the cliffs will lead you high and give new sensations! From 10 years old.
Ensured activity by qualified instructors.
Contact us for booking, depending on weather conditions.

Arbr’acadabra - Canyoning
Not far from the village of Abondance, this descent is a true initiation from 10 years old to the canyon for those wanting to experience a fresh and intense aquatic course: water slides, jumps, abseilings, zip-linnings.
Ensured activity by qualified instructors.
Please contact us for booking, depending of weather conditions.
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