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Christmas Challenge

Do you think you are agile enough to be a rock-climber?

You could consult doctors and specialists and undergo loads of test to try and find the answer. But there is one test used by climbers for many years which is simple and has occasionally developped into a Christmas pub challenge.

Basically you need to clear a wide space in a thickly carpetted room. Then place a well built standard dining room table chair in the center. It needs to be in good condition and the type without arms, but also needs the reinforcing bars joining the legs at their base. (Don't use an heirloom or your mum's favourite!)

Challengers are invited to sit down normally on the chair. The time starts the moment they lift their feet from the ground to commence the challenge and ends when they regain, a normal seated position on the chair and place both feet back on the floor. Sounds easy... well I forgot to mention that between the start and finish the competitor needs to circum-navigate the chair-back (pass the whole of their body completely behind the back of the chair before getting back onto the chair).

You can touch/hold onto any part of the chair but you are disqualified if any part of you touches the floor - and of course the chair must not tip over.

You are on your own and you can't be helped by anyone - so no holding the chair!

You will find this is a real challenge for most people. So for your own safety please don't attempt this alone.
Always supervise children, and consult a doctor if you are at all unsure about whether or not this is a good idea.
PS : Don't blame us if anyone gets hurt!

In most families there is usually at least one potential rock-climber - So who is it?

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