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The Village
Flora and Fauna

Discover and respect the special Mountain flora and fauna ...
The warm colours of Summer appear in many special forms...


The mountain flowers

An old tourist "Guide book to the Vallée d'Abondance"  written by a local 1903-1904, unveils the diverse titles and colours of the local flowers and wild fruits and berries. Thus, "les airelles" ( blueberries) are locally called "embrunes" - , Les myrtilles (Billberries) are often tasted under the amusing name "findrolettes" and one finds the strong scent of vanilla exudes from the plant called "la chivrette".

 The Chevenne Brook 

Wild mountain trout now enjoy the swift and clear running waters of the Chevenne Brook, but the regular flow of this mountain stream was for many years until the turn of the 20th century the partner of industries large and small. Millers, tanners, blacksmiths and lumber yards all tapped the streams natural power to drive their workshops - for grinding stones, bellows, drop hammers, threshing, cutting and forging.

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The Abondance cattle

Abondance shares its name with a breed of mountain cattle.
Cattle were first introduced to the area by the Burgonde people way back in the 5th century. Since then the local cattle have evolved into a distinct breed, able to thrive in the often harsh mountain conditions. Our cows are easily recognizable thanks to their mahogany red coat, white nose and dark patches around the eyes (their glasses!). The patches help reduce reflected light, and are nature's way to protect the cattle's eyes from the very strong summer sunshine found at altitude. The Abondance cattle are exceedind strong and hardy. They are very well adapted to the local climate in the valley, and to our relief they are also a very good milker. One special aspect of their milk is it carries a subbtle hint to their unique diet of mountain grasses which provides that special extra smooth taste only found in geniuine Abondance cheeses.

 Abondance Cheese -  A.O.C

Made since the 14th Century, it was served on the table of the Pope in Avignon!
In 1990, the cheese was officially recognised and given the designation "Apellation d'Origine Contrôlée (A.O.C), to apply strictly to cheeses made within the Abondance region. The "Berthoud" is a local speciality dish - originally a farmhouse favourite - made with a base of cheese and potatoes cooked in a red hot oven dish. It is generally served with bread and potatoes.

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